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About Us

RV Bowls – it is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality ceramic Hookah Bowls. You can buy Hokah Bowls with our unique design or to book bowls with your design and unique name. We can make wholesale order of quality Hookah Bowls Phunnel line – Ufo, Rocket, Orbital. Hookah Bowls from RV Bowls are designed for best smoking of hookah tobacco and for big clouds of tasty smoke.

We produce high quality Hookah Bowls Phunnel line (Funnel) – Ufo, Rocket and Orbital from Russian high quality ecologically clean materials. Our choice – a quality and unique design . We want to delight our customers, and therefore make the best cup of the highest quality. You will get a lot of smoke and a delicious pleasure.
You can buy our Hookah Bowls in our web shop or you can order special Hookah Bowl with your name for a bar and restaurant or for gift.

RV Bowls 4 Models


We are professionals in our work we love Hookahs, tasty tobaccos adn we love to smoke good shishas, but most of all we love to make good quality Hookah Bowls!
For the production of a Hookah Bowls, we use a unique technology and environmentally clean clay and glaze.
Each Hookah Bowl from RV Bowls has own unique color palette that gives the unique character of each product
According to your individual order we will produce individual Hookah bowls, with the logo for restaurant / bar or with your individual design.



I have 3 bowls from RV Bowls Rocket, UFO and Classic. All of them I use with Lotus Kaloud. My lovely bowl is UFO, it’s fantastic bowl! I highly recommended this bowl to anyone who has the Kaloud lotus or is thinking of buying the Kaloud lotus. I smoke Fumari adn it’s excellent! – Try it and you’ll have some of the best tasting shisha and the biggest clouds of smoke!

Mike Branson